Wake County Shrine Club Vendors

The Wake County Shrine Club has a list of Vendors to help you with your events. If you need assistance in finding a provider for your event please ask our Event Coordinator.

Become a Vendor with the Wake County Shrine Club

Getting on the recommended vendor list the Wake County Shrine Club venue that fits your ideal clients and brand can be a huge help in getting referrals for your event planning business. The first step is to actually plan and/or coordinate an event at the venue so we can see how you work, how you handle stress, and how you work with your clients. Once you do a great job working at a venue and you get to know the point of contact, follow up after the event (via email or regular mail) with information about your business including:

  • The services you offer
  • A list of references with contact information
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Recent press or publications you have been featured in
  • List of awards you have won
  • Education and experience in the industry

After sharing this information about you and your business, be sure to ask for our policy for adding event planners, photographers, videographers, caterers, decorators, and more to our preferred vendor list. We do require vendors to pay to be part of our recommended list due to the enormous requests we receive every month.

The most important thing is to be patient. We do get many requests from vendors to be on our preferred list. Keep building your relationship with us, send clients to the venue with whom you are working with, respond to our social media posts, and network with the points of contact at our many events.

Once you are on a preferred vendor list at a venue, treat your relationship like gold. Along with sending your clients to the venue (if it fits what they are looking for), offer to help plan an open house or an industry event at the venue. If you have not worked at the venue recently even though you are on their preferred list, stay in touch with the point of contact and let them know what is new with your business. Keep your business and yourself fresh in their mind so that you are the first event planner they think of recommending when a client asks.